GVMC proposes beautification of Bheemili road in Vizag

vizag, bheemili

The GVMC officials have proposed the plan of beautifying the road along the stretch of Bheemili in Vizag. As a part of the proposal, the officials have carried out the measurement works for the road development on Tuesday.

According to the reports, the officials are planning to lay a three-tier road along the stretch of Bheemili. The three-tier road would be laid from the Gurukul School until the SBI Bank which sums up to be a stretch of one and a half kilometer.

In this process, the first phase of the works would be carried out between the Novotel Resort and SBI Bank. Walkways would be constructed on either side of the road along with a parking feasibility area for the two-wheelers. The sellers on the roadside who own stalls would be provided an area to avoid traffic congestion.

Also, to attract tourists and improve the tourism rate, sculptures of different categories would be established in the parks.

Town Planning official Qwaja Mahboobjaan mentioned that the works leading to the road beautification would be completed by the end of 2018.

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