Bamboo Biryani to be the brand of Andhra Pradesh food

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Credits: screen grab from video posted by 'Delicious food from Kerala'

Bamboo Biryani and Bamboo Chicken are famous in Araku, the hill station of Andhra Pradesh. Meat lovers would never miss a chance of tasting the dish, especially on their visit to the Visakhapatnam Agency. Now, the tourism sector of Andhra Pradesh is planning to promote Bamboo Biryani as the signature food of the state.

The AP Tourism Department is looking forward to increasing the brand value of Bamboo Biryani equal to the popularity of Hyderabadi Biryani. In view of this, plans are being proposed to familiarise the recipe with chefs of popular hotels and restaurants. The officials are also planning to conduct competitions on preparing Bamboo Biryani among chefs and hotel management students. The main objective is to spread the aroma of the dish, not just in Araku and Visakhapatnam, but also across the other regions.

Bamboo Biryani is prepared by stuffing rice and chicken mixed with required spices in a bamboo log, covering the mouth of the bamboo with leaves and burning the log naturally on fire until the outer layer of the log burns into charcoal.

To popularise the traditional food of Andhra Pradesh, the officials would be conducting food festivals every month in renowned cities of the state.

The Andhra Thali would also be finalised as competitions would be conducted on Thali preparations. The thali items would be chosen on the maximum varieties of items that would be prepared.

The officials are also trying to acquire Geographical Indications for Putharekulu, Ulavacharu and Kakinada Khaja.

For Bamboo Biryani recipe, check this Youtube channel.

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