Apple Inc comes to Engineering Colleges in India for Campus Placements

Apple Inc
Apple inc

Apple Inc has for the first time looked at campus placements in one of the engineering colleges in India. A move that shows a possible positive trend towards placements in the renowned and sought after Apple Inc.

For the first time, Apple Inc has come to one of the engineering colleges in India and it happens to be International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H). While the college is the first to grab placements on campus at the giant comapny, the outlook for future is optimistic. A possible reason could be the rise in the number of companies hiring for artificial intelligence (AI), data science, automation and deep learning this placement season. The placements are likely to be at the offices of Apple Inc in Hyderabad or Bengaluru. Officials across engineering colleges in India are looking at it positively.

A lot of companies apart from Apple Inc are looking at futuristic capacities of students in engineering colleges and coming to India for campus placements may be on the rise. As reported by India Times – “The requirement for hardware engineers is high this year with many companies looking forward to hiring students with knowledge in the application-specific integrated circuit and design verification. There is also high demand for students who have knowledge into 2D-3D graphic in mobile communication.”

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