Andhra Pradesh ranks No.1 among all states and UTs in SSA

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Let us cheer this amazing news Vizag people, our state Andhra Pradesh has topped Human Resource Development ministers grading of states and union territories in the implementation of SSA, Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan.

A proud win and a well deserved feather in the cap of Andhra Pradesh after the successful performance in achieving standards in elementary education. As per report released by Human Resource Development ministry, Andhra Pradesh has topped the ranks and among all the states as well as the Union Territories. It is not a small thing. The No.1 rank has been secured after strictly adhering to targets that are prescribed by SSA and achieving them. These SSA targets in the time period from April to September 2017 is what has determined the results tally.

The director of the project was G Srinivas of Anshra Pradesh Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan or SSA. SSA in India has revolutionized dissemination and inclusion of children in the sikshya abhiyan and the work that has been done is stupendous. A monumental task, winning the top spot explains the efforts put up by Andhra Pradesh towards it. Some of the parameters of assessment are as follows:

  1. Displaying knowledge of students learnt in classroom
  2. Coordination between government and private schools
  3. Adaptive equipment for children with special needs
  4. Distribution of uniforms
  5. Teacher’s service training
  6. Diplaying teachers photos on notice boards

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