Food from outside must be allowed, orders issued to Multiplexes in AP

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The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum in Vijayawada ordered multiplex managements to allow movie watchers to carry packaged water, soft drinks and food from outside into cinemas. Regarding this, Andhra Pradesh Controller of Legal Metrology has been asked to prepare orders.

For selling products with more than MRP rates, Rs 5 Lakh fine has been imposed on three different packaged drinking and soft drinks companies by the Forum Bench.

Earlier, complaints have been raised by five activists and Consumer Guidance Society in May 2017 against price hike.

The Bench has asked the three companies to pay a combined fine of Rs 5000 to the complainant and ordered multiplex managements to sell the products at normal price.

Mr. Madhava Rao asked the Controller, Legal Metrology, who was also a respondent in the cases, to enforce the orders at all multiplexes in the State.

The controller of Legal Metrology was asked to issue orders to all the Multiplexes in the state about the verdict and has given two months time for all the respondents including beverages companies, multiplexes, etc.

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