Alcoholic man sets mother and brother on fire out of frustration


Alcoholic man gets frustrated when he doesn’t receive any marriage proposals and vents his anger and frustration on his mother and brother. 30 year old, Srinu Babu was frustrated because his younger brother was getting marriage proposals and he was not. this was owing to his alcoholic nature. He beat up his father and set fire to the duo. while his father escaped with minor injuries, the mother and brother have sustained serious burns and are in critical condition.

Srinu Babu’s had started searching a bride for him but that was not working out because he was an alcoholic. After sometime they started looking for proposals for his brother. This angered Srinu and he held his family responsible for his dilemma. He thought of putting an end to them.

In the early hours of the morning when his mother and brother were sleeping, he doused the duo with kerosene and set them on fire. His father who was outside came rushing to rescue them but Srinu Babu thrashed him. As per the police, the three were sent to hospital. While the father has reached stable condition , the mother and brother are said to be in critical condition with severe burns. G Madugula police station has registered the compliant. The accused alcoholic son is on the run and the police have launched efforts to bring him in.

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