7 Absolutely super fun things to do with friends in Visakhapatnam

things to do with friends

Visakhapatnam is the place to get your best friend along or your gang along for some of the most super fun things to do ever.

The place is right and your gang is tight. So whats waiting for for? Visakhapatnam has tonnes of things to do for spending time in fun ways apart from just as we call it ‘hanging out’. Some of us do it all the time and some don’t but the world of online relationships is creeping up. Let’s keep it at bay and join forces to spend time on these fun things to do.

#1 Ropeway Adevnture


Let us be children with out buddies and zip through through the air at Kailasagiri for some shrieking and laugh riot friendship session. Within reach but not ventured lately? Head here for some simple, buddy goals.

#2 Shopping Spree

It doesn’t matter how much and where. The point is we go and window shop or shop at the bigger spend joints in Visakhapatnam. Girls get together and boys gear up to go hit the mall. Be it CMR Central or Lifestyle or somewhere else, go have fun.

#3 Beach Please

Oh yes!! We all do go there from time to time but when was the last time we dipped our toes a little. Be safe and play on the sand or rig up your net for a spot of handball. Things to do at the beach are endless, it just needs motivation and a plan.

 #4 Foodie Fun

food festival

Try out the bandis by the beach or the Central Park, if shopping in Dabagardens then beside Pantaloons. The list is long for street food and for more dining options go to Double Roti, Pepparazzi, Flying Spaghetti Monster or any of the hotels here etc. Dig in and spend a satisfied and yummy time.


#5 Movie Mania

jagadamba theatreThis time don’t book the tickets on BookMyShow but rather go to the local movie halls like Jagadamba for a walk through memories. Do it different and much on goodies as you entertain yourselves with the latest blockbuster.

#6 Long Drives

The coast is made for such fun things to do and not taking advantage of it would be a shame. Plug in good music and do not set a destination. Go on your favourite route and gossip as you go along.

#7 Adventure Calling

Pick what you fancy from Kayakking, Trekking, Hiking, Aqua Sports and more. Visakhapatam has a lot to offer for the friends who want to go ahead outdoors for some adventure. Kambalakonda or Mangamaripeta will satiate your appetite for some adrenaline rush.

So go ahead ad make plans with your close friend or closest friends and have tonnes of fun.

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