9 gifs that accurately describe the reactions of Vizag people

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Many a time, we are found wanting for finding a suitable expression for a particular event. During a chat with your old friend as well, from expressing extreme anger to conveying overwhelming gratitude, we fall short of words that put forth our thoughts exactly. Now, this is where gifs come in handy! The citizens of Vizag too encounter numerous occasions daily where they find it difficult to express their exact emotions. Here are 9 gifs that you would want to preserve for such situations.

#1 When someone praises Vizag


#2 When someone asks about the IT companies in the city but you know nothing

#3 When someone speaks badly about Vizag

#4 When there is a cyclone warning given to the city

#5 When a new project is announced to Vizag

#6 When you see a luxury car cruise past the beach road

#7 When a foreigner asks you for an address at RK Beach

#8 When there is no Pulihora available at the Simhachalam temple

#9 When you come to know that NAD flyover will soon be a reality


PS-This article is pure humour related and not to offend or hurt anyone.

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