9 popular grounds and arenas for sports enthusiasts in Visakhapatnam

sports enthusiasts, Visakhapatnam
Port Stadium

Being active, and engaging in sports not only keeps one fit and healthy but also fosters the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Getting together for a sport gives one the chance to socialize and develop bonds that stretch beyond the play arena. In Visakhapatnam, with plenty of options available to unleash the sporty side in you, we give you a rundown of the arenas and grounds for the sports enthusiasts in the city.

#1 Andhra University Grounds

The Andhra University (AU) Grounds is a “free for all” playground and, on any given day, one can visit this famous arena to find dozens of cricket and football matches going on at the same time. The AU campus also has tennis and basketball courts where interested ones can also undergo coaching. These grounds are the most popular for inter-corporate and inter-college competitions.

#2 AS Raja Grounds

The AS Raja Grounds, located at MVP Colony in Visakhapatnam, is an ideal location where one can partake in friendly cricket, football or volleyball matches. One really needs to stay alert here for the cricket balls flying in all directions.

#3 Railway Sports Complex

The Visakhapatnam Railways Department developed this sports complex with the intent of providing state-of-the-art sports facilities to anyone who is interested. It holds a full size cricket ground, a well equipped swimming pool, an indoor sports stadium, for badminton and table tennis, and a boxing ring. Additionally, one can be trained under professionals in the sport.

#4 Municipal Grounds

The Indira Priyadarshini Stadium, popularly known as Municipal Grounds, is located near One Town. This open ground sees plenty of sports enthusiasts every evening. Also within the premises, is a gym and cricket training nets.

#5 Port Stadium

The huge VPT Sports Complex, located on the National Highway, is a professional level sports complex covering 45 acres. It has been set up by the Visakhapatnam Port Trust to encourage sports activities among the citizens of Vizag. People of all ages can be seen engaged in a sport of their liking. While the elderly come to the greenery-filled premises for a relaxing stroll, the young are engrossed in games like badminton. The complex houses a full-size multipurpose stadium that is used for cricket, football or track and field events, much to the delight of sports enthusiasts. Additionally, there is an indoor stadium with a basketball court and also in the complex are several volleyball courts. For the use of any of these facilities, one requires a membership which can be obtained at a nominal charge.

#6 Swarna Bharathi Indoor Stadium

This multipurpose indoor stadium. located in Resapuvanipalem, is among the most liked venues for conducting indoor sports events like badminton, table tennis, volleyball or boxing matches. The stadium has also been host to many boxing championships.

#7 Aqua Sports Complex

This swimming complex is located on the RK Beach road and is a State Government run facility. It houses a regular full size pool for those who are at a beginner level. There is also a deep diving pool that is available only for the skilled swimmers. Every summer, the place gets packed as the summer camp gets underway. Professional training is provided round the year.

#8 East Point Golf Club

The golf club, located near the Mudasaralova reservoir, is a must visit place for all the golf enthusiasts. With its state of the art facilities, this recently has turned over a hundred years old. The golf course sees people of all ages teeing off even early in the morning.

#9 Police Grounds

The sports complex at Kailasagiri serves as the perfect place to organise athletics. The Vizag police use this facility mainly for conducting recruitments. Running in the shadow of the mighty Kailasagiri is motivation enough to want to put on your running shoes and head towards the police grounds. The ground also serves as a pretty good cricket match venue.

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