6 Ramadan specials that you can’t miss in Vizag this season

ramadan vizag

Prayers, fasts, and feasts-the festivities of Ramadan have almost arrived, and Vizag once again gears up to embrace the holy season. Also, the celebrations are quintessentially marked by some mouth-watering delicacies. Here, we give you 6 specials that can’t be missed during Ramadan in Vizag.

#1 Haleem

Our list just had to start with Haleem, didn’t it? The popular Middle Eastern dish has wooed us since times immemorial. A rich offering made with meat, lentils, wheat, ghee and an overload of dry fruits, Haleem has numerous fans in the city as well. Come the Ramadan season and you’ll see the foodies flocking the myriad stalls in Vizag to satiate their year-long cravings.

#2 Mutton Biryani


Can the festivities be complete without the flavours of Biryani? The answer, obviously, is a resounding NO. Prepared with the good old ghee, succulent meat, and a whole lot of authentic spices, the Mutton Biryani is an offering that promises to make your Ramadan all the more special.

Pro tip: Pair it up with a glass of lassi to relish the dish in a traditional style.

#3 Sheer Khurma

Made of milk, vermicelli and a whole lot of dry fruits, this delicacy is something that you should not miss during Ramadan. A delicious dish that will woo you over, Sheer Kurma is equally charming in its hot and cold forms.

#4 Qubani-ka-meetha

The traditional Hyderabadi sweet dish is made from apricots and is another popular option for the sweet-toothed. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you would be left craving for more.

Pro tip: Quabani-ka-meetha is a preferred dessert choice to end a big fat Biryani meal.

#5 Double ka meetha

Double ka meetha is love made edible. Soft, squishy, and sweet, this popular Ramadan delicacy casts a magic spell if you’re a sweet lover. Oozing with ghee and topped with crunchy nuts, Double ka Meetha is a must-have this season.

#6 Falooda

Cool it all down with a glass of Falooda. A refreshing drink made of flavoured milk, dry fruits and other delights, Falooda can also be served with ice-cream to double the excitement.

This year, with the holy month of Ramadan falling right in the midst of summer, there could well be many more delights offered at various joints in Vizag. Which one is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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