6 adventure activities that you shouldn’t miss in Vizag

adventure activities in vizag

Living on the edge is what some people firmly believe in. For long, the mention of adventure activities and water sports have only brought places like Goa, Pondicherry and the Andaman & Nicobar islands to our minds. However, over the past few years, Vizag has been developing its beaches for thrilling water sports and activities that will surely give you the adrenaline rush. Here are 6 adventure activities that you must experience in Vizag.

#1 Zip lining in Kambalakonda

adventure activities in vizagThe wildlife reserve located on the National highway is a magnet for adventure enthusiasts. One can engage themselves in the thrill of zipping across the park like a bird. Once safely across, you can also tread across the Burma Bridge which will not only test your balance but also get your heart beating like a galloping horse.

#2 Kayaking – Rushikonda Beach

adventure activities in vizagTime to hit the waters in a 2 seater kayak. As the expert leads you into the open sea and controls the kayak being rocked by the mighty waves, you get the opportunity of cooling down with the sea spraying on you.

#3 Jet skiing – Rushikonda Beach

adventure activities in vizagOne of the very popular adventure activities earlier available only at exotic locations is now available in Vizag for the thrill seekers. Hop onto one of these powerful water scooters and glide over the waves.

#4 Surfing – Rushikonda Beach

Transforming the Rushikonda Beach into a must-visit place are the surfers. One can partake in this activity after a short demo session conducted by the organisers who also ensure the surfer’s safety. Learn to surf the mighty waves before they come crashing onto the shore.

#5 Scuba Diving – Rushikonda Beach

scuba diving, vizagOne does not simply make a list of adventure activities in Vizag without including scuba diving, can they? Partake in scuba diving off the Rushikonda Beach to discover the beautiful underwater world and swim with the exotic fishes. Additionally, one can opt for the shipwreck package where the experts guide you to an old shipwreck and get the feels of a deep sea explorer.

#6 Snorkelling – Rushikonda

Opt for snorkelling for one of the simplest adventure activities that allow you to take a sneak peek into the breathtaking underwater world while floating at the surface. The turquoise waters of the Bay of Bengal are perfect for this adventure sport as one embarks from the Rushikonda Beach.

If Adventure and thrills are what you seek, take a pick from the list above and get your adrenaline rushing.

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