6 things that every Engineering student is tired of hearing

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B.Tech/B.E is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after courses in India. Each year, innumerous students join Engineering institutes in the hope of embarking a bright career. The four years of this course, if used to full-effect, can prove to be rewarding. Apart from the academics, much similar to any other course, Engineering too has many stereotypes attached to it and here are 6 such things that every Engineering student is tired of hearing.

#1 Fix or repair anything

Sharman Joshi in 3 Idiots

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How often are Engineering students mistaken for an Albert Einstein or an Isaac Newton? Be it a refrigerator, or a computer, or even a table fan, these poor souls are expected to miraculously fix them up no matter what.

#2 Why couldn’t you “Crack” IIT?

We recently overheard a conversation at a restaurant where a student gave the most epic reply to his relative who tried to embarrass him. “Why couldn’t I get into an IIT? That’s for the very same reason why you couldn’t be a Mukesh Ambani bro!” And btw it’s IIT and not a wall to “crack”! Duh!

#3 Offo! Another Engineer?

Some really want to build a machine that can take us to parallel universe or some really want to grow a super crop. Also, some might even join engineering just because their secret Santa told them to do so. How does this pain someone in any way?

#4 What after Engineering?

The multi-millennial question that everyone wants to know. From a relative who doesn’t even know your name to a neighbouring aunty who hasn’t talked to you even once, the entire universe somehow gets interested on your future plans once you reach the final year of Engineering.

#6 Why did you do Engineering when you are not an Engineer?

Unless you are a Nostradamus or use a Mayan Calendar, you are not likely to know what your profession will be once you complete your course. It is up to you how you explain this fact to someone who asks you this question. (Please try to be polite in the process btw :P)

And yes, Engineers Rock!

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