5 foods to be relished this winter in Vizag

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Chicken Skewers

It’s winter and our skins have already started going dry. But one thing that never seems to go dry is our everlasting love for food. So, grab a blanket and get set to tank your tummies with some hot, satisfying foods this season in Vizag.

Chicken Skewers/ Kebabs

An entire stretch of carts beside AS Raja Grounds sells chicken skewers which are otherwise known as ‘cheekulu’. Soft marinated pieces of chicken are pierced with a stick and barbequed over coal to give it a smoky flavour.

Double Egg Yippee Noodles

Soft, spicy and appetising, the piping hot Yippee noodles at Rushikonda are all you could ask for to rejuvenate your spirits. Topped with finely chopped onions, the ‘down noodles’, as they’re famously called, have a signature flair and are best rejoiced while retiring by the gushing waves of the evening beach and cool winter weather in Vizag.


The very famous Andhra snack, Punugulu has been an attraction for all street food lovers alike for a very long time. A hot plate of Punugulu from the cart near LIC building is served with coconut and ginger chutneys, making for a heavenly and filling snack.


With crisp layers that are stuffed with flavourful potato stuffings, samosas have been our favourite in any season. Head to Gautam Bhavan or grab a plate of Dahi Samosa at Ushodaya to satisfy your cravings for a hot snack on a cool winter evening.


From revving your engines on a cool, refreshing morning to giving you the perfect company on a cosy rainy evening, the legendary chai has always been our soul-saviour. Do yourself a favour and rejuvenate your spirits by indulging into a cup of this piping hot beverage at a road-side stall or a chic restaurant.

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