5 common things that every Indian girl will relate to


Girls! No matter what you do, you are always questioned and judged, simply because you are young and “young girls are bound to do mistakes.” It might be due to the lack of safety for women that is the cause of these restrictions or just the mindsets of the society but some stereotypes do tend to frustrate us a bit. While being safe and vigilant is pivotal, it is also important not to judge us right?

Here are 5 things that every girl faces! (On a lighter note though)

Offoo, what is she wearing?”

Now girls, don’t tell you never got faced this “sanskari” question in your life. They have a problem with everything you wear but still, expect you to look good.

Got home late? Out of control.”

If you reach home late at night, all hell breaks loose and you will be bombarded with questions you can’t even relate to.

You don’t know how to cook? OMG! How will you survive?” 

If you get this question, let them know that there is something called Maggie and other products which can be cooked instantly. Btw, do you know many boys love to cook? So future in safe hands probably! 😛

“Why did you cut your hair? Hair can make any girl look beautiful!”

Firstly, note the point that you have indirectly been called ugly. Secondly, with the pollution levels and the busy life who has the time to groom it. Thirdly, remind them how lazy you are.

“She is always on the phone, do you think she has a boyfriend?

They should know that a mobile isn’t created only to text your boyfriend. Mobile can be used for browsing, pictures, reading novels and nowadays, it is even common to have images of notes in your gallery! Pfff…-_-

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