5 must watch web series you need to catch up with ASAP!

must watch web series

The recent few years have witnessed a tectonic shift in the audience’s choice of viewing and enjoying the content. Unlike the olden days, when going to the cinemas and watching TV were the only options of visual entertainment, the modern era, thanks to the advent of online streaming channels, has made it possible to watch your favourite shows just a few clicks away on your smartphone/laptop. From exploring several dark tales to nailing you to your seats, these shows have everything to make them totally worthy for binge-watching. Here 5 of the many such must watch web series you need to catch up with ASAP!

#1 Game of Thrones

Written by George R.R Martin, Game of Thrones had its first episode aired on the 17th of April 2011 and has struck a chord with the audience ever since. Right from the exhilarating theme song to the finishing bang of each season, GOT has kept its viewers hooked for each and every episode. The fantasy drama which runs high on technical aspects has some supremely choreographed action sequences and a tight screenplay.

Where to watch: Hotstar

#2 Breaking Bad

All hell breaks loose when a meek high school chemistry teacher transforms into a drug lord. Breaking Bad, which had its first episode aired in 2008, is hailed as one of the finest TV dramas of all-time. Gripping and tight, the plot involves multiple twists and turns that’ll make you fall in love with it eventually.

Where to watch: Netflix

#3 Sherlock

Based on the famous works of British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this drama series by BBC is worth all the hype surrounding it. Sit back and get set for a thrilling ride as Sherlock and Dr. Watson solve some of the most unusual cases together in the must watch web series.

Whereto watch: Netflix

#4 Narcos

Narcos chronicles the rise of the drug trade in Colombia and the life-stories of several notorious figures in the business, including drug lord Pablo Escobar. While the show takes its time in getting on track, there’s no looking back once the plot sets in.

Where to watch: Netflix

#5 Stranger Things 

If you are a hardcore science fiction enthusiast, then you are in for a treat. Stranger things will have you biting at the edge of your pillow covers as the intense story progresses. The story takes you back to the mid-1980s where you will follow the journey of 4 kids as they desperately try to find their lost friend in what seems like an ordinary town but embedded with dark secrets.

Where to watch: Netflix

PS-The streaming options mentioned are only for the Indian audiences.

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