5 must do activities in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam experiences
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Come the cool months, and Visakhapatnam’s dwellers get planning on fun getaways and picnics for some treasurable experiences. After all, this is the season with that light nip in the air and when the sun gets less harsh than before. This is also the time when most of the usual picnic spots get crowded for getaways. Don’t let that dissuade you, for we bring you the best list of amazing things that can be done irrespective of the size of group you have. Here are 5 of the many must do activities in and around Visakhapatnam.

Picnicking at Ramanarayanam

Spread across 20 acres, this is a theme park with a difference. The bow and arrow-shaped construction showcases the great epic of Ramayana through sculptures. Plan your visit in the evenings to see the place lit up in the colours of the rainbow.

Queuing up for Cable Car

The cable car experience at Kailasagiri gives unbeatable views of Visakhapatnam and is worth the time taken awaiting your turn in the queue. You can also take the really-slow train ride, go souvenir shopping and unwind atop the hill which has some wonderful viewpoints.

Road trip to Bheemli

One of the most scenic drives for city-dwellers is the road to the beach that takes you all the way to Bheemli and its beautiful beachside. Feel the wind in your hair on a two-wheeler and enjoy the bay views and smooth road that stay with you for most of the trip.

Stargazing at Lambasingi

Nothing compares to the experience of watching a million stars light up the night-sky at Lambasingi. Pack your winter-wear and plan for a bonfire. And yes, don’t forget to pack food and water.

Tee time at the golf course

The sprawling greens of the East Point golf club offer a great place to try out your golf skills. Having been around since 1884, this is the only golf course in Visakhapatnam that’s open to everyone. So head there for the experience.

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