5 summer drinks in Vizag you can’t miss this scorching season

summer drinks vizag

The sun is beating down hard on Vizag and we can’t stop gulping down chilled water all through the day! April is here and the temperatures are soaring with each passing day. Here, we give you a list of 5 summer drinks in Vizag that can help you beat the heat this scorching season.

#1 Lemon Soda

The struggles of a hot sunny day can be best blown away with a chilled, fizzy serving of lemon soda. With a special mention of Masala soda, which comes with a tangy edge to it, these drinks are made and served with love.

Where: Soda Hut, In front of Visakha Museum

#2 Masala Chaas

Be it for quenching the quintessential summer thirst or for finishing a delicious meal on a high, the masala chaas (Spiced buttermilk) at the Rajasthani Dhaba comes highly recommended. The buttermilk not only gives you a respite from the scorching heat but also ranks high when it comes to nutritional value as well.

Where: Rajasthani Dhaba, Dabagardens

#3 Sugarcane Juice

A sweet offering to get your fuel levels up this summer, the ancestral Sugarcane juice has always been our favourite. Go for the traditional flavour or spice it up with a few additions to add an all-new zest.

Where: CANE-D, CBI Road

#4 Maredu juice

Colourful, delicious and healthy; the maredu juice is one of the widely popular summer drinks in Vizag. With a blend of soda and maredu essence, this thirst quencher is an amazing alternative to beat the heat.

Where: Behind LIC building, Dwaraka Nagar

#5 Visakha Dairy Buttermilk

This just had to be on the list, didn’t it? A delightful, pocket-friendly and an all-season treat, the spicy buttermilk by Visakha Dairy has long-stood as our favourite in the city.

Where: Any Visakha Dairy parlour in the city.

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