Women farmers gagged and assaulted by land grabbing realtors in Visakhapatnam

land grabbing
Source - Mumbai Mirror

In what appears to be a bid for land grabbing in Visakhapatnam, two realtors tied, gagged and threatened murder to two helpless women farmers. They were called on the pretext of settling land dispute.

source – Times Now

Visakhapatnam becomes the site of yet another shameful and shocking incident. The accused in the case called women under pretext of settling dispute then tied, gagged, threatened to kill them. A realtor and his henchmen tied the two women with ropes, gagged them and dumped them in their farm for refusing to vacate their land. They have been cultivating the land for over three decades. The realtor also assaulted and threatened the women farmers with murder if they foiled his land grabbing plans. The women were found lying in an unconscious state by their family members who were searching for them. This incident took place in Mallam village of Butchiyyapet block in Visakhapatnam district on Wednesday morning.

The women farmers have been identified as Adi Lakshmi and Venkata Lakshmi. The two realtors accused in the case are Sekhar and Satti Babu. They had their lands besides the two victim’s land. They had conned the women to come over for ending the land disputes but when the latter refused, they assaulted them, tied them with ropes and dumped them. They have been pressuring the women to vacate their lands for quite some time but the latter refused. Their henchmen were waiting for the women farmers when they arrived.

The women farmers have filed a police complaint and the two accused have been taken into custody.

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