5 reasons why the Vizag beach stands special after all these years

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RK Beach

When was the last time you thought of a better place other than the Vizag beach (read RK beach) to hang out? Hard to think of, right? Well, we can’t be blamed. Ramakrishna Beach is probably one of the best places where you can be in the city of Vizag. This place has been giving us innumerable reasons to keep visiting.

Here are 5 reasons why the Vizag beach stands special after all these years.

The perpetual festive vibe

With kids playing around in the sand, teens enjoying their time in the sea, families relishing their picnics, this vibrant beach has an air of happiness stored in it. It has the quaint ice-cream vendors, high-flying air balloons and the fresh tidal energy of Bay of Bengal. Filled with a buzzing atmosphere, RK Beach has got the potential to cheer the spirits of anyone. And make them tap a foot along with its liveliness.

A pleasant hangout spot

Not only does this beach have a youthful exuberance,  it also has the calmness and peace of a Buddhist Monk. This could be the perfect place for anyone to truly enjoy and cherish some treasured moments with their loved ones. Even for someone who wants to spend some time in solitude, the Vizag beach can quite be the place for embracing it.

A foodie’s fest

Right from the city’s famous Muri Mixture to the branded coffee houses, this place has got it all. You can either grab a hot corn stick while strolling along the RK Beach or feast upon authentic South Indian thalli at one of the marquee hotels present there. Rooftop restaurants, ice cream shops, milkshake shops, cafes, food trucks, tea shops, you name it, this place has a choice for everyone.

Reflection of the Visakhapatnam’s proud heritage

The Kursura Submarine put on display at the RK Beach is one of our most esteemed possessions. This submarine participated in 1971 Indo-Pak war and after getting decommissioned is now turned into a museum ship. Talking about the 1971 Indo-Pak war, we also have the Victory at Sea Memorial at this very beach. This memorial is a proud souvenir of our country’s victory in the same war. Also, the Visakha Museum at Beach Road showcases the history and artifacts of Indian Navy.

The quintessential beach road drives

No true bike lover can miss riding his machine on the beach roads, during the nights. Lasting for a lengthy stretch, the spotless RK Beach roads are a heaven to any driver. The cool sea breeze along with the picturesque view of the hills offers an enjoyable drive. A lonely ride or even a ride with that “special someone”, this is the best place the city has to offer.

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