Waste Segregation To Be Taken Up By GVMC

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Cleanliness and good hygiene are essential for maintaining good health, both mental and physical. They say “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and the significance of it cannot be overlooked by anyone. We just dump all our household waste in one dustbin, which is carried out by the garbage collectors later. In order to make our city more clean and progressive, the GVMC has put certain procedures in place. Segregation of it is essential to help make our city clean and pollution free. It is the first step towards proper disposal.

Now what does one mean by segregation? Waste segregation is a process where discarded material is separated into dry and wet waste. Wet waste is usually generated by eating establishments and is heavy in weight due to its dampness. This type involves both cooked and uncooked food, waste from vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves, dust from sweeping and other similar things. Dry waste involves paper, plastic, rubber, metals, leather, cloth, rags, wire, glass etc. This kind is usually segregated into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste.

Segregation is an essential first step for garbage management. The moment the garbage reaches the dumping grounds, we assume that we have done our bit. But who knows that the real process starts, from our house right away. Garbage in plastic bags will not be accepted anymore, as it leads to the production of methane gas, when the garbage is burnt in the dumping ground.

The GVMC has now come up with the idea of segregating garbage right at the home level. The idea is to use two bins (green and blue) instead of a common one. The green bins are meant for wet waste and the blue ones for dry waste. Maintaining two bins is very important as it is difficult for the GVMC to segregate garbage before dumping it. In order to achieve a hygienic community, everyone should play an active part in promoting this initiative. This move by the GVMC could play a great role in building up a clean environment. Moreover, the GVMC has refused to collect garbage if the segregation process is not followed in future.

So to bring the change, be the change!

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