You can’t miss these thoughtful and unique artworks by a Vizianagaram artist

vizianagaram artist

Showcasing various genre of art, right from newspaper cut-outs to doodles, single line drawings to comics, 25-year-old Suryadev Dasari held his first solo exhibition at Visakha Museum in Vizag. Interacting with Uma, the artist from Vizianagaram explains how his art grew from idle doodling to serious works.

Art is the vision of the artist. For instance, when the general populace sees a lock, all they think of is a key or perhaps a locked door. But when shown the same lock, this young man sees of all things, an elephant! Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Suryadev sees ‘art’ in common everyday objects.

A post-graduate from IIT-BHU, it was only after he settled in a job, that Suryadev actually indulged in his passion. He read up on various forms and styles of art and experimented off and on. Towards the fag end of 2017, inspiration struck; and he challenged himself to create a single work of art every day of the upcoming year, 2018. He commenced on January 1 and successfully created 365 paintings by the end of the year. The exhibition, titled ‘Think’, featured his personal favourites from amongst the entire collection. It was a unique show, as the pieces on display toyed with perspectives, illusions, shadows, doodles and common objects, inspiring the viewer to think rather than just see. It was not just ‘art’ on display, it was a presentation of simple ideas, creativity and finesse. Using different objects, art styles, lines, single lines, shadows, newspaper cut-outs, autographs (print media cut-outs used to convey something else), comics and doodles, he successfully created 365 distinctive artworks. The only commonality of all his pieces is minimalism.

A self-taught artist, Suryadev hails from Bobbili in Vizianagaram, though he was brought up in Vizag. Currently in Bangalore, working with Square as a digital marketer, he explains that he never uses more than three or four colours in his pieces. Inspiring quotes, tortilla chips, cables, random flowers; there is no limitations on what Dasari might immortalise with his artistic flair. His preferred tools include fine liners pens, regular pen inks and crayons.

Explaining his motivation, he reveals that for him, it is art that keeps his mind active. He delved into the world of art when on a quest to keep himself stimulated. Self-taught and open to absorbing anything new, he says that it was his love for research that helped him discover varying styles of showcasing art. His next goal is to take up art even more seriously; as a profession rather than just a hobby. To see his collection, check out ‘TheArtRover’ on Facebook and Instagram.

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