Weekend plans for those who want some ‘Solo Time’ to relax and unwind.

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This weekend plan on spending time alone. Weekend plans need not always involve a huge group or take you places. You can have just the same fun or more by yourself. There are so many ways weekend becomes fun spending time by yourself, doing exactly what you want.

  1. Take a break from the crowd and spend time with yourself. When was the last time you had some private space with yourself? Take time off to collect your thoughts, look at yourself, talk to yourself and set your mind free. Rediscover and recollect who and what you are. You might just be surprised.
  2. Hangout at your favourite spot this weekend but this time alone. Going to your habitual spot with your friends is great. This weekend enjoy by yourself. Sip the coffee slow to enjoy the brew. Space out and unwind. Pick up a magazine or a book. The pleasure from the same things done differently is much more.
  3. Marathon movie watching is fun when you are alone. This way you get to decide your favourite movies and no one to share your munchies with. No one needs to know that you love sentimental and romantic movies to binge watch. Let go when there is no time line and no one to disturb.
  4. Indulge in your guilty pleasures. Everyone thinks you are dieting. Great. No one is around now, so give in to a cheat day. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, give in because there is no one to judge you. if you don’t know what it is, you will figure out by the end anyway.
  5. Fancy a solo getaway? Traveling solo does not mean you are a loner. Traveling solo means you are super motivated to explore. Go camp in Araku or go for a boat ride in Kondakarla. It is not the distance. It is the idea of discovering a place all by yourselves.
  6. Album surfing. Yes, that is a thing. Nowadays all our memories are in soft copies. Not really convincing but that is the way it is. Go through the old albums and walk down memory lane. You have come so far. So far so good.

    Close up of the binding and page-covering of an old adhesive-style of photograph album, with the plastic covering lifted on the left-hand side, and two mounted prints visible at the right hand side.
  7. Wardrobe refurbishing. You never know what you may have hiding in your cupboard. Go through all your clothes. Rediscover your style. Try on crazy combinations. DIY your old jeans or shirts. Your old favourite may be back in fashion unbeknownst. What is more? You will come to know what you need to shop.
  8. Shopping. Who ever said shopping is not relaxing, is lying. Solo shopping is good shopping. No one offers an opinion. No one distracts you. You chose your time and your place. The choice you make is all yours. What you buy is just you. What is better than that? Give in and hit the mall.
  9. Trek, hike, jump, run…. if outdoors is you thing than Vizag is the place to be. The Simhachalam route or the Lighthouse route, take your pick and get set go. Don’t wait for anyone, set your route and pack your essentials. They say physical activity done undisturbed clears your head. We think it’s true. Recharge your physical and mental batteries in the great outdoors.

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  10. Headphones and you. Create your playlist and repeat your favourite tracks of course. Plug in and plug out of the chaos of life. Feed your soul good music and bounce back in life. Soothing and relaxing, music is the company when you don’t want company.

Now that your plans are sorted, make space for yourself. It is your life after all. This weekend go on a date with yourself. find out whats new everyone.

P.S – A big thumbs up for all those who have group plans made but read this anyways.

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