Visakhapatnam records its highest temperature this season

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The summer has been a blazing one in Visakhapatnam this year. With the sun beating down hard on the city, the mercury levels have been soaring with each passing day. From the hapless pedestrians to the anguished motorcyclists, the citizens endured a tough time on Tuesday in the searing heat as Visakhapatnam recorded its highest temperature this summer thus far.

With the temperature peaking from as early as 9 am, Visakhapatnam was soon engulfed by hot and dry winds, much to the despair of its residents. Reportedly, the mercury touched 39°C on Tuesday, to register the season’s highest temperature. While the maximum temperature at Visakhapatnam airport was recorded at 39°C on Tuesday, it was reported to be 37.6°C on Monday.

The temperature was reported to be relatively less at Waltair and areas closer to the coast. Meteorologist G.S.N.L. Murthy told The Hindu that the maximum temperature recorded at Visakhapatnam Airport for in April was 39.8°C on April 17.

Here are a few tips that can ensure your wellbeing this scorching summer season in Visakhapatnam:

Taking fluids

Keep your body hydrated. Heavy perspiration can run the body dry of fluids, making the regular intake of fluids a crucial aspect during summer.

Working wisely

If possible, try to schedule your work for the cooler parts of the day ie., during the evenings or early mornings. If that’s not possible, cover yourself with a hat, scarf and apply sunscreen generously. Try not to bare yourself in the heat.

Staying hygienic

Maintaining personal hygiene is another vital point to follow during the summers. From keeping a smart hairdo to taking frequent showers, self-grooming tips help quite a lot when the sun is beating down hard.

Wear right

Wear lightweight clothing that is comfortable. Try to wear light coloured dresses as they won’t absorb heat from the atmosphere.

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