Innovative workshops to engage the children in Vizag this summer

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It’s summertime and some unique and innovative workshops await the children of Vizag. The Birth of Ganga – a Story Performance Workshop for children 6 years and above will commence on April 22 in Vizag. It is the first story performance workshop in the genre. The participation fee is Rs. 2000.

“Mythology is important for quite a few reasons. It makes up our heritage. It is a reminder of who we are and where we have come from. The story of Ganga’s descent has mesmerized mankind from time immemorial. The story teaches us many valuable lessons – the main one being that doing good deeds leads to ends that are just,” says Sangita Sehgall of The Launch Pad and the organiser of the workshop.

“The children will not only enjoy the story performance that will be done by professional storytellers but will learn the meaning and pronunciation of all the words. The tasks they will do at the workshop have been designed to enhance their listening skills and imagination and sow the seeds of Expressive Speech. Many life lessons and life skills will be learnt effortlessly from the characters of the story,” she further adds.

The Magic of Cinema, another workshop that starts on May 1, is built around visual storytelling i.e. the cinema. This is the first in the series of workshops that Sangita Sehgall has designed to teach Soft Skills to children. The workshops are not only centered around teaching different aspects of English language and Communication Skills but also soft skills that children need to learn.

“In their endeavour to be ahead in the race in today’s competitive world, somewhere children might forget what really fills us up with joy. Compassion is a piece that seems to be missing from the box of pieces that they are supposed to build up the complicated jigsaw of life with.

The games that the children will play and the activities that they will do are all designed to foster compassion. They will be taken on field trips to a school for the blind, a shelter home for the differently-abled children, an animal shelter and an old- age home. They will make a bird feeder to put in a balcony, write a letter to a soldier, host a lemonade stand to donate the money collected, donate one of their favourite toys to a child less fortunate than them,” shares Sehgall.

Registrations are open! You can call Sangitaa Sehgall on +919490417053 for further information on these workshops in Vizag.

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