Officials identify Steel Plant as the highest breeding zone in Vizag

Visakhapatnam Steel plant
Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Out of 8 zones in Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), three zones have been identified with the highest number of breeding sources for mosquitoes and out of which, Vizag Steel Plant contains the highest.

The zones have been identified after two days door-to-door surveillance carried out in Visakhapatnam to control viral fever and dengue. The officials were successful in visiting more than the targetted houses. Around 5,000 personnel have undertaken a door to door survey visiting 5.9 Lakh households in Vizag to spread awareness on Vizag. As they noticed around 31, 600 houses locked during the survey, the survey at the locked houses continued on Monday.

On this basis, GVMC has found 11,72 breeding sources from zones 1, 4 and 6 out of 18,870 total sources in the 6 zones. The three zones contain the maximum number of breeding areas. Zone 6 particularly, has the highest number with 22.02% and the zone at Bheemili has the lowest with 3.2%. Vadlapudi and Vizag Steel Plant come under zone 6.

GVMC chief medical officer Dr. A Hemanth said, “Provision of 24×7 running water supply can play a major role in bringing down the storage of water in open containers. The water supply project is under progress at various levels. This apart, we are continuing our efforts like creating awareness campaigns among the masses on the importance of proper usage of the vessels and the ill-effects of mosquitoes.”

Now, the GVMC authorities have decided to conduct medical camps in the areas where viral fevers are reported the most.

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