Golintu: A Vizag-based startup’s revolutionary courier model

A brainchild of Dinesh Reddy, Golintu creates a platform that connects travellers with users looking to send parcels to a common destination.

vizag-based startup golintu
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Have you known of the good old days when letters or messages used to be transported across places with the help of ravens? While human evolution has paved the way for multiple modes to deliver goods across places, we have always been troubled by the distance and time-bound limitations of these systems. However, thanks to a Vizag-based startup, we are likely to experience a unique and hassle-free model for transporting items across.

A brainchild of city’s Dinesh Reddy, this platform, made available through a website and an Android App, has rightly been christened as Golintu (Lintu translates to bird in Finnish). Deemed to create safe, secure and standard delivery solutions, Golintu connects travellers with users looking to send parcels to a common destination.

“Golintu tries to address a very common problem prevalent today. We often come across situations when a parcel or an important document needs to be delivered to a destination in a quick time. However, problems involving time-frames, logistics, and cost render the mainstream delivery systems ineffectual. We might be found wanting of an alternate system that could transport items in a more intuitive way. This is where Golintu chips in by creating a peer to peer sustainable delivery system,” shares Dinesh.

“At Golintu, we believe that distance doesn’t matter. Our model consists of a sender and a traveller, who is referred to as a Lintu. The platform connects a sender to a Lintu, who is willing to carry the former’s parcel to a sender-desired destination. Once the parcel is delivered, the Lintu is provided with a financial reward, which effectively reduces his/her travel expenses,” Dinesh explains before reaffirming the safety and security of the process.

Apart from laying emphasis on the security of the sender and traveller, with a unique verification process, Golintu is also deemed to be transport-efficient. “By engaging the free space of travellers to deliver parcels between different places, we are indirectly eliminating the need for additional transport. This transport-efficient model, thereby, reduces carbon-footprints and promotes an eco-friendly space,” says Dinesh.

Already gaining momentum in a few foreign countries, the Vizag-based startup has an ambitious roadmap that chalks phased progress. “We are planning to launch the app on 10 April. The first phase, which is a promotional one, would connect the users and travellers through an interactive messenger. During the initial phase, as an incentive, we are planning to hand over IPL match tickets to a few lucky travellers. Our subsequent stages would include a transaction model and dedicated lintus operating with full-fledged functionality,” states Dinesh.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on Golintu and send or carry parcels with a win-win strategy!

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