The man behind Vizag’s favourite soda

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Sanjay of Soda Hut

After migrating to Vizag from Bengaluru in search of a living, Sanjay set up ‘Soda Hut’, a favourite adda to many people in the city. Teja Kovvali brings his story.

“Initially, I set up a soda stall at Akkayyapalem. However, as things got difficult there, I decided to switch to a mobile soda truck at the Beach Road. Owing to my deteriorating health, I even hired a few people to assist me with the operations here. My workers have been really wonderful and they have been graciously supportive as well. It has been seven years since I set this up and thankfully, the response has been good.

I get to the truck by 10:00 in the morning and spend about eight hours in a day here. While the mornings and afternoons witness limited turnouts, the evenings have the truck flocked by a greater number of people. We manage to earn about Rs 2500 a day on an average with increased amounts during the summers.

I stay at Chinna Waltair along with my wife and two sons. My elder son is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant and the younger one is in the tenth standard. We spend quality time together and generally go on outings to places that our children like.

In addition to the soda truck, I even own a T-shirt printing machine and work for a local school to add to my income. Thanks to the tremendous backing provided by my family and workers, I have managed to sustain all these years despite the hurdles. I hope my children will get to respectable positions and take good care of us. Until then, I am determined to get along with my soda truck.”
Facing innumerable challenges all along, Sanjay has stood strong. Yo Vizag wishes him all the success for his future.

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