Vizag, Where are the She Autos?

Last December, Vizag saw the launch of a new project, one to enable women to drive auto-rickshaws. This is nationally known as “She Autos”. The same is successfully running in Kerala. In fact, these autos are safe, as compared to those driven by men. The main reason being that women generally do not consume liquor, smoke or chew gutkas. “She Autos” would therefore be very helpful and safe for women and children passengers.

As on date, the concerned officials have admitted that the Vizag project was progressing at a snail’s pace due to several reasons. These including non-cooperation by the beneficiaries, non-issue of valid certificates including driving licence from the Road Transport Authority (RTA) besides lack of awareness among women about the scheme.

As many as 200 women evinced interest to become part of the project at the time of the launch, but subsequently many of them dropped out citing several reasons. Those who passed Class X exam or failed, intermediate and even graduates came forward to take part in the project. 

All in all this is another example of where “She” is notch better than “He”. Yo Vizag hopes this project comes through and is a grand success!

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