Best places to cover on a one day trip in Vizag

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From being a popular tourist attraction to paving its way to shape as a smart city, Vizag is hand-picked as one of the must-visit places in the country. With a lot of scenic views, tourism locations spread around the city, it is almost impossible for one to go around a trip in Vizag in a day. But, if time restricts you to only one day, here are the best things you can do for a day in Vizag.

Sunrise view at Tenneti Park

Tenneti Park

One of the popular parks in the city and located on the shores of Vizag beach, Tenneti Park offers you a beautiful sunrise view in the early hours of the day. The landscape view of the vast sea with sunrays glittering on the waters is probably the best way to start your day in the city.

Visit the famous Vizag Zoo

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Visakhapatnam

Tucked away in the arms of the Eastern Ghats, the serene verdant precincts of the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park offers a sneak peek at some of the exquisite moments of the mysterious animal world. Abounding in shade-giving trees, the zoo provides an ideal rendezvous for picnickers to eat in groups and watch the animals roam on islands of their own.

Ride towards the Bheemili beach

Bheemili Beach

A quaint setting that offers a perfect foil to embrace one’s solitude, Bheemili beach proves to be a beautiful getaway option from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The ride towards the Bheemili beach would also be a memorable experience. You can indulge yourself in go-karting on the way at the Hub For Youth (HFY).

Explore the city’s famous museums

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TU-142 Aircraft Museum

From Visakha Museum which enlightens one with the history of Vizag to the Kurusura Submarine and Tu-142 aircraft museums which provide wondering facts about their participation in wars for the nation, Vizag museums are always on the mandatory list for visiting.

The local markets for all

multi level car parking facility, vizag
Jagadamba junction

If one loves to shop as well as grab a bite of the city’s local food, Jagadamba Junction, and Poorna Market stands as one of the top picks. The city lights here, especially during the early nights, certainly makes one feel like a localite.

Stroll along the sands of the RK beach

RK Beach

A one day tour in Vizag is incomplete if one does not spend time in the sands of RK Beach. After you are done with all of the above mentions, you can stroll along the sands and shores of RK Beach munching muri mixture and recollecting memories about your one day stay in Vizag.

Other than these, there are even a lot of sacred summits if one would love to explore in the city.

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