Traffic menace continues to choke NAD junction in Vizag

Traffic jam at NAD junction in Vizag
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The NAD junction in Vizag continues to challenge the travellers with its growing traffic menace. With the works on the much-awaited flyover choking the vehicular flow in the busy area, riders and passengers have been finding it increasingly difficult to travel through the junction.

Monday afternoon too was no different as NAD junction witnessed yet another traffic jam. Vehicles came to a standstill and queued up until the Baaji junction for more than an hour.

A few days ago, it was reported that the morning hours too witnessed a testing traffic jam at the junction. Reportedly, the situation was caused due to the increased number of barricades placed on the road, as part of the construction of the NAD flyover. While some citizens urged the officials to find alternative ways to ease the traffic whilst the construction of the NAD flyover, others also complained that the traffic signals in the area malfunctioned, accentuating the mess nowadays.

The works for Vizag’s NAD flyover were commenced in April this year. The project is being handled by M/s. Vijay Nirman Company Private Ltd.

The NAD junction is one of the prime centres in the city. A busy junction, which is a part of the National Highway, that is well connected to the airport and other prominent locales in the city, this place requires better management of the traffic congestion and the upcoming NAD flyover has been deemed to do the same.

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