Vizag Junior Literary Fest comes to a grand end

Vizag Junior Literary Fest
Vizag Junior Literary Fest

The Vizag Junior Literary Fest concluded on 18th November 2018 here in Visakhapatnam. After 58 sessions spread over two days, 16 speakers, thousands of books at the Book Fair that provided students with a never-before-opportunity of experiencing the various forms of literature.

Well-known authors like Roopa Pai, Reshma Krishnan, Soumya Rajendran Richa Jha, Priya Kuriyan, Daya, Sushree Mishra shared their books through interactive book readings.

Expressive and captivating storytellers like Janaki Sabesh, Deepa Kiran, Bongiswa Kotta Ramushwana and Sherin Matthews regaled their young audience with stories from before, now and from the future.

Authors and publishers like Reshma Krishnan, Tanushree Singh Aparna Raman tutored children in the fine arts of creative writing, diary writing and blogging. The local writers of the book Anaga Anaga in Andhra Pradesh gave their thoughts on their experiences and plans. Reshma Krishnan launched her second book “The Hidden Children” to a bevvy of interested school students.

Puppets and crafts made storytelling sessions interesting and gave them a hands-on experience at the Vizag Junior Literary Fest.

The unfamiliar accent of the South African storyteller Bongiswa Kotta Ramushwana gave the audience a chance to learn about faraway lands and their culture through her stories.

The Pages Book Fair brought in books by Indian publishers with books that had an Indian context for the most part.

The Helen O Grady theatre group performed “The Wizard of Oz” play to a packed house audience. People thronged the stall put up for local Andhra artefacts and sarees and parents, grandparents and children alike spent close to 6 hours at a stretch at the fest on both days.

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