Vizag girl shares her thoughts about why travelling is so much fun

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At times, nothing can match the feeling and awesomeness of travelling and exploring places. After experiencing the joy of travelling to Delhi, Ankita Singh from Vizag shares her story.

Millions of people have homes; thousands of them search for one and then there is the rest of the crowd, who wander. These people belong to a different breed altogether. They find adventure with new roads; they see family in strangers and stories with sunsets! Travelling is all about that, finding a home away from home.  

I am back from a tour, a trip to Delhi. Exhausted and excited,  the adrenaline rush hasn’t settled yet in my veins. And I believe it’s not the city, it’s the love for travelling which makes me feel high. Vizag is my home city and the most beautiful one I have ever been to. With the beaches that lie along the coast, to the little hills on the outskirts, the city is always worth travelling.

Travelling, we were talking about it, right?

A friend of mine asked me a couple of days back, ‘‘What is so interesting about travelling? Walking without a purpose, investing so much into something with absolutely no return. Who does that?’’

I paused a little, smiled at him and said, “I do, and many others as well. Also, we don’t walk, we travel, and it includes observing the nature, knowing the heritage, cherishing the beauty and most importantly, discovering your own self! That’s pretty much I guess to justify the fun. Well, travelling also crosses the barriers and unites the world. The purpose of travel is long debated and ever cherished, but my answer to you would be, I travel because I love doing it.  And if the investment is the talk of the day, let me tell you, there is no better investment than the adventure you love!”

A week later, he joined me for the Delhi trip, and the best part, he loved it! He can now instead travel all his life and yet not get tired.

And so they say, it always feels good to be lost in the right direction.

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