What do Vizag’s vegetarians love to eat?

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Vizag is a city that loves its food. From the traditional delicacies to the lip-smacking inter-continental dishes, the food here has us drooling for most of the time. We tried to find out what the city’s public loves to eat from the vegetarian cuisine and here’s what they had to say.

Nuvvula Podi Magayi Annam at Radisa

“Probably the craziest and the most delicious combination I have tasted from an Andhra kitchen. The spicy Nuvvula Podi combined with the tangy Magayi got me going nuts from the very first time. Kudos to the master who came up with this idea.”

-Devendar, works at Andhra University

Sponge Ghee Karam Dosa at Venkatadri Vantillu

“What can’t I give in for those soft buttery sponge dosas. Nothing can beat these heavenly delicacies and if given an option, I would relish them for breakfast every day.”

-Rajesh, Engineering Student

Veg Thali at Dharani, Daspalla

“The most satisfying meal that a vegetarian can expect. Comprising of a wide range of traditional Andhra dishes, the Thali here has got it all to strike a chord with any food lover.”

-Samrat, Bank Manager

Ghee Karam Dosa at Sairam Parlour

“I have moved to Hyderabad and one thing that I don’t miss each time I visit the city is to gorge over the Ghee Karam Dosa at Sairam Parlour.”

 -Aravind, Businessman

Bisi Bela Bath at Daspalla Executive Court

“Even though I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian, my favourite vegetarian escapade during the midnights, especially in these chilled weathers, is the piping hot Bisi Bela Bath at Daspalla Executive court.”

-Charan, Marketing Employee

So these were some of the few favourites of the vegetarians from Vizag. Do let us know what your favourite.

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