10 famous street foods in Vizag that you can’t miss

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Chicken Skewers

Hungering for adventurous bites under open skies? Then let your search end here. Sumanth Behara, a self-confessed foodie who owns Plot 17 Café, shares his list of ten best street foods from Vizag.

Noodle time

Bismillah Noodles is one of the best places for chicken noodles in Vizag. Unlike other street noodle vendors, who marinate chicken from the outside; Bismillah Noodles lets the spicy marinade sink into the meat. A bite into this tender and juicy chicken wrapped up in hot noodles will instantly brighten your mood.

Where: Zilla Parishad

Once you go momo

This place did Vizag a favour by introducing it to the pan Asian Momo culture. Choose whether to get your momos fried or steamed, or maybe a bit of both. Try these dumplings with meat or vegetable fillings with two exclusive sauces.

Where: Opposite YMCA, RK Beach

Slice, eat, repeat

Tomato slice is a simple yet popular evening snack which is a stone’s throw away from YMCA. The dish is a colourful mixture of onions, spices and groundnuts layered on slices of ripe tomatoes.

Where: Opposite YMCA, RK Beach

Fried food fix

This particular cart which sells an assortment of ‘bajjis’ and ‘pakodas’ has been in business for almost two decades. The deep fried Aloo Pakoda is prepared fresh in the evenings and gets sold out pretty quickly. Served with chopped onions and a wedge of lemon, this dish is your perfect evening snack in the ambience of a bustling street.

Where: Near TNR bookshop, MVP Colony

No need to scramble

What makes the Egg Bonda stand out is the special concoction of spices the cart owner makes and serves it with. A tangy paste spread on boiled egg makes one of the most utterly delicious street foods.

Where: Near Café Coffee Day, MVP Colony

No pani, no problem

A small pani puri stall outside Fresh Choice in vizag mixes all the dry ingredients of its pani puri dish into a chaat. Known as ‘churmur’, it is popular with students and other locals.

Where: Waltair Uplands

Two words: Bhel Puri

This Bhel Puri is unlike any other street foods you get in Vizag. A hawker sells this must-have street-food with a piece of coconut as the spoon. The bhel however is served with delicious chutneys which add to the sweet and sour flavours.

Where: By the Petrol bunk at Jagadamba

Fire up the grill

An entire stretch of carts sell chicken skewers which are otherwise known as ‘cheekulu’. Soft marinated pieces of chicken are pierced with a stick and barbequed over coal to give it a smoky flavour.

Where: Beside AS Raja Grounds

Classic for a reason

Found anywhere on the Beach Road, muri mixture is a classic snack which can be customised according to one’s taste. It is incomplete without corn on the cob which is roasted on coal and served with a quick squeeze of lemon juice and spices.

Where: RK Beach

Pass the chutney

The very famous Andhra snack, Punugulu has been an attraction for all street food lovers alike for a very long time. A hot plate of Punugulu from this cart, is served with coconut and ginger chutneys, making for a heavenly and filling snack.

Where: Near LIC building

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