The story of a famous fishmonger from Vizag

fishmonger, vizag

For ‘Amma’, Vizag’s popular fishmonger, every day is as fresh as her catch and knowing her customers is her strength.

“Madam, please take some prawns, they may be small but they still smell of the sea. It’s very fresh and you can have a look if you want.”

For Amma, pushing a hard bargain comes with the territory and she has mastered it well. Every morning, as the fresh catch is brought to the shores of Yarada, one can be sure that Amma will be at the front to segregate her stash. That is where she lives, thrives and does business too. Her domain, as she likes to call it, is a door to door servicing of the closed community of Naval families staying on Dolphin Hill, the bustling Scindia market and thereabouts.

“Sir, no problem, you please take the fish now and give the balance money on Saturday.” Persuasive and convincing, Amma knows her customers really well. She believes that trust is something that has no measure and only consistent quality sells. One can be sure, the fish will be snapping of flavour and when she comes knocking next, she will ask you – “Madam, what did you make of it, curry or fry?”

How far would you go to make your living? Amma will tell you of her travails of travelling uphill with her catch in a worn steel container on her head and how the bus doesn’t agree to take her in because of the stench. Wednesdays and Sundays are good days she says because in most houses they prepare non-vegetarian dishes. Like clockwork, she will be ringing at your door and you can get your catch of the day without having to leave the house.

Amma from Yarada makes sure that the fresh catch reaches her customers with a hassle-free home delivery. Try her wares or else, learn a lesson or two in bargaining from her.

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