Vizag doctor shares her journey to being crowned as Senator Cucine Mrs South India 2019

Senator Cucine Mrs South India, vizag

Dr Sindhura Kaviti dazzled and impressed a bevvy of judges, to be crowned the Senator Cucine Mrs South India 2019. This doctor from our very own Vizag shares her journey.

Married, and currently settled in Hyderabad, Sindhura Kaviti proved her mettle once more. Crowned Miss Vizag in 2013, she sashayed away with the Senator Cucine Mrs South India 2019 title this year.

From Ms to Mrs

Post marriage, she says, her days are spent helping out at the family’s school for the blind in Begumpet. In spite of a busy life, she made the time to prepare, and compete, to emerge successful. She ascribes the credit for this decision to her family and friends. Encouraged by them, Sindhura, a finalist in the Miss Andhra competition in 2017, signed up for the Mrs. South India competition. Explaining her commitment, she says, “I believe in giving my best in everything I do. I am not scared of success or failure, but I’m always haunted by the fear of being mediocre, even when I’m assured that I’m doing great by people around me, because there’s always so much more to learn! It’s important to perfect our present to let the best future unfold.”

Calling the whole experience, a beautiful journey, Sindhura admits that she especially enjoyed the power yoga sessions. She further adds, “I was also very excited to win Mrs. Beautiful Hair title, especially since I come from a family of aesthetic surgeons.”

Happily Married

Describing her usual routine, she says, “My day starts with a good cup of ginger tea with my mother in law. The four of us work together, as a unit, in handling work at home, hospital and the family-run school called ‘Devnar Foundation for the Blind’. For women with a goal, marriage works like an added driving force to pursue your dreams. It makes you feel more driven, as an independent individual in society, and makes you more inclined toward building an identity and a place of our own. Marriage definitely adds to our responsibilities because when you’re single, you’re accountable for only yourself but when you’re married, you’re accountable for your entire family.”

Vizag Memories

Born, brought up and educated in Visakhapatnam, Sindhura completed her schooling from Visakha Valley and earned her medical degree in the City of Destiny. “From swimming in The Park as a child to the strolls on the beach so very often, Vizag has played a pivotal role in terms of my journey”, she says.

Signing off with a message to the many women like her, Sindhura says, “Just believe in yourself. Don’t let others define your worth. Take the chance! Do what you want. Don’t settle!”

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