Vizag citizens allegedly duped of fake railway jobs

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Innocent people in Vizag are allegedly being cheated by some of the officials working in the Railway Department.

It has been reported that some of the officials from the Railways are allegedly taking money in Lakhs under the false word of providing jobs. On being cheated, the alleged victims are complaining at the Divisional Railway Manager Office in the city.

The officials are allegedly bribing the innocent by giving them a false word about providing jobs in Grade D category at the Railways. Until now, it has been reported that 35 people were allegedly cheated by them.

One officer from the DRM in Vizag has allegedly taken Rs 30 Lakhs as a bribe in total from 6 to 7 people. 3 victims out of the rest have complained about him at the office. According to them, the officer has charged Rs 1 lakh each for the gumastha posts. The candidates were also taken to Bhuvaneshwar on September 3. After some day, the officer has collected another Rs 2-3 Lakh each from the candidates and fled. The officer has also applied for voluntary retirement. Due to the complaints from the many, the department has refused his retirement application.

On the other hand, the alleged victims are mentioning that the higher officials are not taking proper concern over the issue. The officials are asking for valid proofs to take stringent actions over the offenders. Though the victims are providing call records, it has been learned that no action is being taken.

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