Camping spots in Visakhapatnam for an offbeat, adventure travel


Pitch your tents for indulging in Camping @ Vizag, the off-beat traveller’s soul-searching modus operandi in the city. An experience of adventure travel with your gang, you must undertake at least once.

Camping spells adventure travel, pleasure, getaway, escape, fun and more in just one word. There is no better way to enjoy a combination of nature and adventure travel than by living it. Camping is all about living in nature, and Vizag is a treasure of undiscovered beauty as there are many spots to explore.

7 places to head to
Be it on the mountain reaches of Araku, the wilderness of Tyda, or the peaceful beach spots near Anakapalle, setting up camp is delightful. A few places that are ideal spots for camping and get you to scenic spaces are Paduva, Marthaguda, Jammguda and also the coffee plantations of Ananthagiri. If you are on a trip to a new place, then the localites in the region can also help in identifying places in the neighbourhood that are good for camping.


Must carry preparations and provisions
While camping, take essentials like water, charged batteries, matches, easy to cook food, outdoor clothing, blankets/sleeping bags and insect repellents. Choose good quality camping gear and invest in sturdy tents that are easy to set up and dismantle.

Getting started
Choose your campsite before you are heading out and give yourself ample daylight time to pitch your tents. Travel in a group, and preferably with people who know the region. Check about the wildlife that you may encounter. And yes, be sure to seek permission or make prior bookings for a smooth-going trip.

Fun activities on
Starting from pitching tents, setting up camp to the open fire cooking and singing or chatting by the bonfire, there is everything and much more to love and do when camping. Enthusiasts recommend that you club this with another activity like a nature trail that can be enjoyed during the daytime. For the best experience, go with a group of friends or family and the serenity is apt for bonding and spending quality time. Let the urban way of life recede as you enjoy the basics in life.

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