4 things every person living on Vizag’s Beach Road would relate to

Beach, Vizag

Living by the beach has its own upsides and downsides, and while it cannot be said as to which one is more, living here is a unique experience altogether. Here’s a list of things you’d relate to if you live on Vizag’s all famous Beach Road:

#1 You’re one step closer to being two steps far from fun

While bikes and family vans come from all around the city for a holiday at the beach, your holiday is every day. You’re an uninvited neighbor that shows up every time he wants some salt at the beach.

#2 You’re always on the weather forecast sites keeping an eye on the upcoming threat

You know where cyclones and floods in Vizag come from. You know it and yet you live at that very gateway of danger because why not. However, you are always the first person to pick up on weather forecasts and it dominates most of your conversations with your neighbors.

#3 Expensive rust

You’ve just done your cleaning, everything is free of rust and dust. You heave a sigh and turn around to marvel at your work, and there it is! Rust everywhere!

#4 Your personal economy is upside down

While everyone else in Vizag is spending on fun and travel, and saving up on house maintenance and helper’s salaries, your fun costs Rs 40 (20 for muri mixture and another 20 for the roasted corn at the beach), but maintaining your house makes your pockets lighter, big time.

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