Visakhapatnam – Uber Taxi drivers strike continues, passengers complaints too

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Uber Taxi drivers continue their strike in Visakhapatnam as passengers complaints keep mounting.

The popular Uber Taxi service app is in hot water in Visakhapatnam as their driver partners continue their relay strike in the city. The main cause for the strike is the low earnings that the drivers are making from partnering with Uber Taxi service. Their income as per their claims has come down from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 15,000. They have cited the causes and complaints behind this.

Their demands include, Uber Taxi reducing the commission from 25% to 15% on the fares. The change in tariffs because there has been a hike the prices of diesel but the same amount has not been adjusted in the fares. A major point of the strike. The tough competition is not letting the taxi service app to increase the fares over the past 3 years.

Their second demand is the receipt of earning on a daily basis rather than 7-10 day basis. The Uber Taxi app attracts passengers by showing reduced fares and ultimately the passengers end up paying normal fares. This is a sore point and complaints have come from users of the taxi service in Visakhapatnam. This also leads to arguments and confusion with the drivers. Passengers often lodge negative remarks against the drivers due to such issues and then the driver gets blocked by the app.

While driver partners of Uber taxi are asking for a base fare of Rs.100, passengers are complaining of the absence of any incentives, discounts or offers. The strike has lead to customers being charged 3 times the normal rates since 3 days and this has lead to a lot of complaints piling up in Visakhapatnam.

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