Vizag Traffic Circus: People share the problems they’re facing

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All of us know that the road traffic scenario in Visakhapatnam is no longer the one it was a few years ago. With the graphs of the number of vehicles and the space available to drive going in opposite directions, it is an understandable problem that arises. However, some avoidable factors are going a bit too deep in creating a total chaos on many roads in the city.

We spoke with a few people and asked them what is it about Vizag traffic that pesters them and here’s what they had to say.

The lion share of the problem’s cause can be credited to the Autos

“I ride on my two-wheeler for most of the day and traverse across many prime areas in the city. Be it Jagadamba, RTC Complex, Dwaraka Nagar, or even Maddilapalem, one problem that’s been pestering many of us is that created by the autowallahs. Many auto drivers behave in a careless way by abruptly halting their vehicle anywhere on the road in search of a customer. Many evedon’t follow basic rules such as using indicators. In fact, some even don’t bother about the incoming vehicles while turning around.”

-Rajesh, Marketing Manager

The Bus drivers behave as if no one can intrude in their way

“The Bus drivers feel they can just get away with anything. These guys don’t even allow other vehicles to pass through when there’s a possibility. Few drivers stop the vehicles right in the middle of the road just because a passenger signals him to stop. While this might be convenient to the passenger, it creates nuisances to other vehicles on the road.”

-Aishwarya, Student

The Pedestrians walk in the middle of the road

“Many might have observed that some pedestrians walk right in the middle of the road. They, however, don’t like being honked at and give annoying stares if done so. They should walk on the sideways so as to facilitate easier traffic flow and avoid unnecessary accidents.”

-Charan, Bank Manager

A general sense of traffic discipline is lacking

“Many prime junctions such as Ramatalkies, Jagadamba, and Isukathota become a ruckus in the absence of a traffic cop. People lack a general lack of discipline and bluntly move ahead jamming the entire flow. It is important to realise that unless we drive with a calm head, we can’t avoid traffic headaches.”

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