Visakhapatnam Traffic Police to take stringent actions

drunk and drive, vizag
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Visakhapatnam Traffic Police is moving forward to take stringent actions on the ones who are speed driving, drunk driving and breaking traffic rules by introducing advanced technology.

Advanced speed laser guns to trap vehicles which are moving over speed and alcohol testing machines to trap drunk drivers are being bought to the city by the traffic police. On an average every year, the police have witnessed 150 deaths on the National Highways in the city. By maintaining stringent rules, the police want to decrease the accidents number on the Highways.

In this regard, the state government has offered 5 laser guns. Two of them to the Police Commissionerate, two to the village police department and one to the transport department.

The speed laser guns would be in operation in the following areas and here are the uses:

  • Between Adarsh Nagar and Tagarapuvalasa, and along the beach road to Bheemili.
  • At different Highways linked to Visakhapatnam.
  • Can detect the speed of any vehicle from a distance of 300 m.
  • Can detect speed even if there are more vehicles coming at once.
  • The E-challan would be printed automatically in case of high-security number plates.
  • Can be used continuously for 4 hours.
  • With GPS available, the officials would be knowing the duration of the gun use.

Also, 16 alcohol-testing machines are handed over to the Traffic Police by the government. If caught while drunk driving, the officials would be presenting the drivers at the court.

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