3 top schools in Visakhapatnam and their unique offerings

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It’s that time of the year when parents begin searching for the best school for their child. Here are some schools in the city of Visakhapatnam and their unique offerings.

3 top schools in Visakhapatnam and their unique offerings:

Ameya world school

Set in the sylvan surroundings in Sangivalasa near Bheemunipatnam, Ameya World School has the holistic development of children in a joyful and meaningful learning environment as the focal point to its educational offerings.

The Beginning

Established in 2008, this institution set out to be an example of what schooling should comprise of. “Schools lay the foundation for life, and the dismal state of schools in Visakhapatnam, was a key factor in enabling us to start Ameya World School”, shares Mohan Mandava, Director of the school. “Cooped in apartment complexes without activity or sunshine, lack of playgrounds, growing pollution and traffic were the primary concerns we wanted to overcome”, he adds. The spacious campus of Ameya away from the city is thus a sharp contrast as it spreads over nine acres and houses playgrounds, airy classrooms, hostels and sports facilities. These share the space with a swimming pool, skating rink, library and laboratories which ensure that every child is nurtured in an environment that has plenty of sunshine, is safe and has readily available resources to help them flourish in every way.

Facets of education

Enabling the mental development of the child along with healthy physical growth and addressing whether children are able to relate what they learn at school to the reality around them, is important and integral to children’s growth at Ameya. So, unlike learning and writing by rote, Ameya offers experiential learning, making it both interactive and fun. A lot of activities both on campus and outside are thus focussed upon. Trips to weaving villages and to agricultural research stations are undertaken to help children understand the process of weaving, sowing and harvesting. All this shares the space with their state-of-the-art classrooms, where a range of activities such as drama, puppetry and robotics workshops are conducted to enable learning.


With classes from Nursery to Class XII, Ameya offers both day schooling and residential programmes. It offers the CBSE platform and integrates best practices from reputed boards. It is also accredited for IGCSE by Cambridge University. The learning imparted here is content rich, so children can excel in any area of their choice. An equal focus is also given to key skills of presentation, communication and sports with exposure to dance and music as well. Children are provided with options to life, and not limited to one or two careers. They get to meet different people ranging from scientists in agriculture to economists at the Reserve Bank of India. A green campus that generates 30kw of solar power, is another feather in its cap that shows how this school is leading by example.

For admissions: 8099228212

Website: www.ameyaworldschool.in

Paramjyoti Academy

Paramjyoti Academy brings the advantages of Australian roots and an international faculty with its schools in Visakhapatnam.

The Beginning

Paramjyoti Academy started its sojourn in Visakhapatnam in 2017, from Gajuwaka. Today the school has a presence in Chinna Waltair and Madhavadhara as PPS Kids and in Seethammadhara as Paramjyoti Academy. The Paramjyoti Academy also runs the PPS Kids pre-primary programme. Joshua Komanapalli, Executive Principal, shares how they focus on attributes of leadership and create an environment for children to enjoy learning. “Inspired by the schooling systems in Australia, Europe and the US, we focus on character and social-emotional development, reward risk-taking and encourage children to pursue their areas of interest so they can be the best at what they like. We believe in giving freedom so that children pursue what they want”, he adds.

Facets of Education

Based on Christian values, the school integrates its high-quality education with ethics. The school employs an International reading and literacy programme and has well-resourced classrooms which include iPads and laptops for every child. Students are nurtured to have strong reading, writing and communication skills. Elizabeth Manthena, Centre Manager, PPS Kids Global, Chinna Waltair adds, “For young children, our Global centre follows the learning style from Australia, which caters to different development stages of our young learners. Based on their interests, we render education through a range of activities.”


schools visakhapatnamFocusing on activity, discovery, and play-based learning, PPS Kids makes learning fun for every child. Instead of making them sit in a place forced to write, children are allowed to freely explore, be creative and curious as they play. Both pre-primary and primary schools, in Visakhapatnam, focus on communication skills, confidence building, creativity, thinking skills, social skills, collaboration skills and self-management skills. Value education is given importance and the ideals of being caring, having integrity, making good choices and serving others are focused on. Being an official sister school to St Philip’s Christian College, Australia, the partnership provides teacher training and opportunities for cross-country student collaboration. Every child’s uniqueness is cherished and differentiated learning is followed in classrooms, as individual interests and strengths are catered to. Be it the arts, music or physical and socio-emotional education, all classes are given importance.

Future Plans

This year the primary school programme will also offer dance, drama, gymnastics and swimming classes. The school would also be applying for the IB PYP programme this year.

For admissions: 8886212189, 7330789580

Website: www.paramjyotiacademy.in, www.ppskids.net

Divine touch

The next on this list of schools in Visakhapatnam is Divine Touch. With a focus on imparting values and strong cultural roots, this school from the ISKCON Society offers holistic learning.

The beginning

Started in March 2011, this school began operations when Mataji Nitaisevini, Principal of the school, was looking for a place to send her younger son for schooling. Not finding anything up to her satisfaction, she decided to create a school that was different from the typical residential gurukul model schools ISKCON has. Divine Touch was created as a day school, with elements tailored to the youngest age group of school goers. Divine Touch addresses the lacuna in the education system and promotes a wholesome personality through wholesome education. “Vidya, Savidya and Brahmavidya are thus offered here”, Mataji Shares.

Children benefit not only from the material knowledge of books but also from the learning of good values, culture and spiritual knowledge. Catering to physical, mental and spiritual dimensions, of the growth for every child is the focus here. Also as the roles of parents and teachers change with technology, and kids learn through gadgets and apps, Divine Touch offers the factors that technology cannot. Virtues and values can only be offered by a guru in the right ambience.


With classes run from Nursery to class five and a student-teacher ratio of 15:1, the atmosphere here isn’t formal. With no rigid curriculum, students are free to explore their interests. A family atmosphere prevails with teachers across age groups, and while some young teachers take up the role of bubbly elder sisters, the older ones are treated like mothers and grand mothers. Children celebrate all festivals at school, narrate their stories to their teachers, hug and greet them in a familial atmosphere.

Also, every month is dedicated to a value-based lesson such as sharing, punctuality and kindness, which is imparted by teachers through stories and activities. With a single menu each day for children, they are encouraged to share. Field trips along with a focus on fitness through the in-school gym, karate sessions, yoga center and splash pool share space on the calendar along with marathon walks and trips to the beach. Children also participate with their families, as they cook with fathers, and work on projects that promote interactions between kids and parents.

Devotion is focused upon through omkaram, bhajans, slokas and practices of offering food to the Lord and watering the tulasi plant. Spiritual learning is promoted with trips to old-age homes and orphanages, focus on yoga and pranayam, while music, karate, skating sessions, and light classical dance are the extra-curricular aspects. All these elements in a fun and friendly environment ensure that these young ones are bubbling with an enthusiasm for learning and are confident.

Future plans

schools visakhapatnamEquipped with classes up to standard five, shifting to the Sagar Nagar campus is part of the masterplan. With the launch of the temple planned in February 2020, inaugurating the school there would follow this.

For admissions: 0891 2592233

Website: www.divinetouchschool.com

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