Visakhapatnam – Sex trade and the ugly side of Smart City

wife murdered

Disturbing turn of events mar the beautiful Smart City image of Visakhapatnam as Sex Trade unearthed and racket busted here.

Human trafficking and sex trade rackets have been busted in Visakhapatnam Smart City and it exposes the ugly side of goings on in the otherwise developing and progressing city of future. Duping, pushing and victimizing girls and women from different parts of the country as well as foreign nationals from other countries into sex trade has been unearthed. As young as students, college goers and foreigners have been led unawares with promises of easy money.


Sad part of the events that have unfolded in Visakhapatnam point to not just a few hidden operators but more organized rackets as per Deccan Chronicle. The national daily reports that several new gangs have joined the lucrative practice of women trafficking. In 2 years alone, 27 rackets in Visakhapatnam in 2017 and 25 such cases in 2016 were registered. Over 155 of the operators were arrested and 65 girls were rescued in 2 years.

Rented apartments where the owners are away and individual houses have been the scene of sex trade and women belonging to Bangladesh and Russia have been rescued by the police. The sites and scenes make the busting of rackets more difficult for the police forces.

Operators from different cities plying their trade here as well as owners of hotels, guest houses and beauty parlours are suspect in this rising crime in Visakhapatnam. The police forces are doing all they can in terms of strengthening intelligence systems and keeping a close watch. For anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 per night these victims of the sex trade are tortured and compromised and that happening in our beautiful city is shocking and infuriating.

Recently, police have busted a racket going on at a house in Dondaparthy. Fourth Ton police station has apprehended and booked the organizing couple from the city and clients who are from Odisha. A girl has been rescued who is from Kolkata.

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