Visakhapatnam prefers online shopping for grocery, fruits and vegetables and the trend in here to stay

online shopping
online shopping

As per statistics released by a leading online shopping brand for grocery and household goods, Visakhapatnam prefers to shop online and the trend is upwards.

Visakhapatnam is a smart city with smart people leading productive, busy lives. With so much going on, the trend of online shopping for grocery, fruit and vegetables is picking up here. The number of online shoppers is on the rise and statistics released by leading online shopping brand reveal the same. People prefer the ease of choosing what they want and placing the order for it online. Having it delivered to your door step could not get easier and convenient.

Ranking at number 5 position among Tier II cities, Visakhapatnam has one of the largest shoppers base for shopping at online supermarkets. The expansion in this key market sector is at 10% to 15% per month. A clear revelation of the online shopping appetite. The boom in online supermarkets for purchase of grocery, fresh fruit and vegetables in the city is just 2 years old and a vast market potential yet. People are ordering good and fresh stuff and grocery items, household goods are very much in demand.

Just as in other dynamic cities such as Chandigarh, Patna, Surat etc, Visakhapatnam online shopping trends reveal a lot more about the evolving life in the city and it’s people. Preference for wide range of products to chose from in one place with the convinience of doing it at home is one which is obvious.

Rise in the workforce, ease and efficiency of order to delivery operations and smart shopping acumen could be the many reasons why a Modern Vizagite orders his ration online.

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