Visakhapatnam people pained by the unavailability of auto rickshaw and high taxi fare at night

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For the people of Visakhapatnam traveling at night has become a costly affair with not a single auto rickshaw in sight and high taxi fare.

Vizag is a city that is awake till late and the people of Visakhapatnam are at loss of what to do about the scope of travel at night. There is not a single auto rickshaw to take you home or reasonable taxi fare to comfort you. Night time travel is at high cost. To self and one’s pocket and it is the working people who are paying a dear price for it. Be it the employees of the service delivery companies who have grave yard shifts or people working late hours in hospitals and more, there are lots who are hit hard by the hike in taxi fare at night. The price is highest when the need is the most. Ola, Uber and others charge more for later hours and there is no reprieve.

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Of late, the auto rickshaw whose presence was reassuring on Visakhapatnam at night has all but disappeared. Why? When the people working late are more, this fact is alarming and shocking. A national daily, Deccan chronicle reports that police checkings and the hassles there with are a major deterrent. Mistaken for antisocial elements when untoward incidents happen or the blame game of who-done-it discourages them from courting trouble. Most of them simple people with restricted incomes would rather play it safe as it seems.

There are those who stay back till wee hours of the morning for regular public conveyance to commence. The Visakhapatnam people are hit hard and opinion on this is on the rise. While work continues and days go by, the mass transporter, the auto rickshaw is sorely missed. ask people who take transport for reaching station or other places and they will tell you. The taxi fare is close to extortion and not one other is willing to ferry you in the night.

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