Visakhapatnam MP candidates come on to the same stage

visakhapatnam mp candidates

Visakhapatnam MP candidates, contesting from major parties, came on to a common stage in the city on Wednesday. VV Lakshmi Narayana of Janasena Party, Pedada Ramani Kumari of Congress, Daggubati Purandeswari of BJP, MVV Satyanarayana of YSRCP and Sri Bharat of TDP came together for the ‘Mukha Mukha’ programme organised by Vizag Journalists’ Forum.

The Visakhapatnam MP candidates, representing different parties, shared their views and told how they would work towards developing the city if voted to power in the upcoming polls.

Speaking on the occasion, TDP candidate Sri Bharat stressed on the importance of youth in politics. The young politician recollected his grandfather, MVVS Murthy’s vision for the city and said he would strive for establishing industries and controlling pollution here. Sri Bharat also shared that he would work towards making education and healthcare feasible to the citizens.

Daggubati Purandeswari, who was elected as the Member of Parliament from Visakhapatnam in 2009, shared that she had developed the city on several fronts during in her tenure. The BJP leader hoped to win the polls to lead the city on a developmental path yet again. Congress’ candidate, Pedada Ramani Kumari, on the other hand, said she would make sure that the coveted Special Category Status category is granted to the state.

YSRCP’s MVV Satyanarayana claimed to have a better understanding of the people’s problems in the city. The realtor also said he would always be available to the public and strive towards solving their issues. Former CBI JD VV Lakshmi Narayana, while alleging that there were cases of corruption and land-grabbing in the district, opined there is a need to transform Visakhapatnam into a safe city. The contender from the Janasena Party assured that if voted to power, he would safeguard the city, which he referred to as a “mini India”.

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