Mobile Rythu bazaars started in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam Rythu Bazaar
Visakhapatnam Rythu Bazaar

Much to the relief of the people living in some areas of Visakhapatnam, the Agricultural Marketing department has launched mobile Rythu bazaars in the city.

Covering many areas in Visakhapatnam

Be it from an industrial perspective or from the tourism point of view, the city of Visakhapatnam is growing day by day. However, contrary to the city’s growth, the number of Rythu bazaars in it hasn’t increased. The bazaars which were set up in the year 2000 are still the only ones to be existing. Currently, these exist in the areas of  MVP colony, Seethamadhara, Akkayapalem, Madhurawada, Gopalapatnam, Marripalem, Kancherapalem, Pendurti, Gajuwaka, Steelplant, Mulagada, Pedagantyada, and Peda Waltair.

People who don’t have easy access to these limited ones are facing difficulties. They are having to spend additional amounts for purchasing vegetables. Keeping this in mind, the officials have launched the services of 4 mobile Rythu bazaars. Also, these mobile vehicles will be catered only to the farmers. These mobiles Rythu bazaars will be traveling across the areas of PM palem, Appanna palem, Simhapuri layout, Kakani nagar, Arilova, Ravindranagar, Sheelanagar, and others.

The officials have formed a group of 10 farmers from the areas of Kotapadu, Anandapuram, and Sabbavaram. These farmers will grow vegetables in their farms and bring their stock into the city via these mobile vehicles. Each vehicle will be consisting of around 25-30 kgs of each vegetable. Moreover, people organizing functions or charity programs in these areas can even place orders for vegetables.

Additional charges applicable

While the vehicle is presented free of cost to the farmers, the charges of diesel and vehicle maintenance will have to be borne by them. As compared to established Rythu bazaars’ prices, the customers will have to pay an additional charge of Rs 2 per kilogram.

The officials are trying to bring two more mobile Rythu bazaars into the city. This would be even more helpful in reaching out to people living on the outskirts.

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