Visakhapatnam records its lowest temperature of the season

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Visakhapatnam seems to be nudging towards a chilly year-end. With the temperature dropping over the last few days, the city has been witnessing cold weather off-late.

In addition to the the drop in temperatures, rise in the severity of the cold winds from the Northern regions of the country, has also contributed to the cold snap in Visakhapatnam.

While the temperatures during the day are being recorded around 26 degrees centigrade on an average, the nights have been witnessing the mercury drop to about 16 degrees centigrade. In fact, Saturday witnessed a record drop in temperature to 15.2 degrees centigrade.

With the rise in cold’s severity, citizens have been choosing to stay back at homes post 5 in the evening. The weather forecast predicts similar conditions to prevail for a few more days to come.

Earlier, with Cyclone Phethai causing a drop in temperatures, cold wave had claimed six lives in Visakhapatnam. With Cyclone Phethai causing changes in the district’s weather and intensifying the cold conditions in Araku Valley. Strong cold winds, accompanied by foggy weather, led to the demise of Shetti Ammanna (48), Gajula Manglayya (40) in Araku. Badnayani Endanna, Pangi Venkataramana, Marisha Gajjam Naidu, and Adinarayana were among the others who lost their lives because of the adverse weather 

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