4 pocket-friendly ways of having fun in Visakhapatnam

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Maybe you blew all of your money on a shopping spree at the beginning of the month, or you are forever broke from spending all of your money over food, whatever the reason might be, it should not stop you from having fun, right?  So here are four ways you can spend your time in Visakhapatnam having fun without punching a hole in your pocket.

#1 Go to the beach. Duh!rk beach, visakhapatnam

One thing we Vizagities have to be extremely thankful for is, most obviously, our beach.  It provides budget-worthy fun at all times. If you’re a morning person, grab a cup of filter coffee and sit by the sand taking in the view.. At evening, you can stroll through the roads here which are filled/loaded with street food vendors. Whether it’s Pani Puri or Pav Bhaji, there is a wide range of variety to try from! But be careful and find a place that seems (at least a little bit) sanitary.

#2 The Park(s)visakhapatnam, tourist spots

If you want to spend an evening away from the crowds and spend it peacefully along with nature, but don’t want  to burn a few bucks over petrol for long drives, these parks are perfect for you. Apart from the prominent parks in the city like Sivaji Park, Vuda Park or Tenneti Park, there are several others sprawled across Visakhapatnam in many parts. Pack a small box of treats or maybe a book of your choice and spend your time taking in the awesomeness nature has to offer ( For low prices! It makes the air smell more sweet, trust me!)

#3 It’s time to explore the malls

cmr central, visakhapatnamWalk along the V.I.P road which has many malls and stores filled with upcoming trends and fashions. Trying out clothes and shoes can be a fun way to spend your afternoon. Or maybe, explore Visakhapatnam’s very own (and all-time favourite) CMR Central with various stores up to look at. Go along with your friends or your mom or even just by yourself and you can have loads of fun for sure.

#4 Go for a photo walk

old-vizag-poorna-marketGrab your smartphone or if you’re more flashy, a DSLR, and choose an interesting street. Be it the Poorna Market or MVP Colony, there are many amazing places in the city which you could explore with your camera! Use your creativity and walk around Visakhapatnam capturing unique spots. Try to hone your photography skills in the process as well. Oh yes, and btw, you can also take a photographer friend along with you and click all the fancy pics for your social media DPs!

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